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We love making illustrated books, so if you’re an artist or any other creative looking for a beautiful book to exhibit your work, please contact us. Our bespoke book packages allow you to choose format, quantity and extent with upfront costs so you know exactly how much to budget for. We have 6 book sizes for you to choose from. As long as you follow our guidelines, we can stick to the price as shown. There are no hidden charges. All our books are produced on a litho press to ensure the highest colour quality. But if you would like a quote for a digitally-produced book – please contact us.


Here are the instructions we ask you to follow. Don’t worry, we’ll give you further guidance if you decide to work with us. And we’ll always be at the end of a phone if you get confused!

  1. The first stage in this process is deciding what size of book you’d like and how many copies*. If needed, we can discuss this at our initial meeting (either in person or via Skype). After our meeting, we will prepare a contract to confirm everything we agreed in our meeting. If you are happy, both of us will sign the contract. You will be asked to pay 50{189d6eefc6ff72a89bda7f227cb753ba78524b3f2fa0e2e6e4fc8deb65afd8b4} of the total fee on signing, and the final 50{189d6eefc6ff72a89bda7f227cb753ba78524b3f2fa0e2e6e4fc8deb65afd8b4} just before delivery of your books.*Our price includes delivery to mainland UK, but if you need help with warehousing, we can advise on rates & conditions.
  2. TEXT: As we specialize in illustrated books, not novels, text is limited to two areas in the book: the Introduction section – (maximum of 1000 words, and up to 6 pages) and your body text to sit next to your image (s) (max. 100 words per page). Your text must be completely finished before you send it to us, as changing/rewriting it once it has been submitted will incur extra costs. Please supply all your text in one single Word document. IT IS IMPORTANT TO ADD IMAGE NUMBER NEXT TO EACH BLOCK OF TEXT (so the designer can match your text to the correct picture). Don’t forget to add text for your cover and back page.
  3. COVER TEXT: You’ll need to give us: A. The title B. Sub-title if applicable C. Name of author (s) / artist (s) D. Copy for the back cover – up to 150 words for Heron & Bittern and 100 for the others. *Make this copy brilliant as it could just persuade a browser to become a buyer.
  4. IMAGES: Your hi-res images need to be supplied as CMYK Tiffs, in one batch, on disc. If you can’t do this, we will do it for you at no extra cost, as long as your images are 300dpi. All images should be a minimum of 300dpi and any file under 1mb is unacceptable. If in doubt, please call us and we can advise and help you.
    IMAGES MUST BE LABELLED & NUMBERED TO MATCH TEXT. ie: pictures for the introduction pages: “introduction-(name of image)(your surname).tiff” or for body text to sit alongside an image: “image.number-(name of image)(your surname).tiff”. Don’t forget to include the image for your book cover.
  5. As soon as you have sent us your text and images, we will go ahead and design your book. We will send you a lo-res pdf and paper print-out. You will be given a deadline to make any editorial corrections (not rewriting). At this stage we will design the book cover.
  6. You can give us your comments either digitally via pdf or on the paper print-outs. After we’ve made your corrections, we produce a set of high-res proofs for you to CHECK COLOUR ONLY. Any text change at this stage will incur costs.
  7. If both parties are happy with the proofs, we go ahead and submit the hi-res files to our UK printer.
  8. The next time you see your book it will be as a finished product in your hand. (But only if you’ve paid us the remaining 50{189d6eefc6ff72a89bda7f227cb753ba78524b3f2fa0e2e6e4fc8deb65afd8b4} of the fee!)
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Other book sizes

Please feel free to contact us if you'd like a bespoke size

The Dunlin

From £2,500

The Sandpiper

From £4,050

The Oystercatcher

From £3600

The Curlew

From £3,600

The Bittern

From £4,695 for 500 books

The Heron

From £4,695 for 500 books

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