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Night photography shows us something our eyes cannot; with the use of high ISOs, wide apertures and long shutter speeds, Lawrence shows us a new and exciting night-time world. Night photography is as much about the planning as the act of taking the picture. Lawrence reveals in his text how he visualises the picture before he takes it – his task is to then make sure his technical ability matches the image in his head. Lawrence’s interests lie in the stillness and silence of the night.

Surprisingly, we’ve found many photographers are buying this book, although that wasn’t really the market we were aiming for, the feedback has been very complimentary – we couldn’t hope for a better group of people to get feedback from!

As soon as we finished Nightscapes, we agreed to make the book ‘My Year With Hares for wildlife cameraman, Martin Hayward Smith. Although we only acted as producers of this book (Martin is selling it himself), it was a very enjoyable project and we’re very proud of the book we made for him. You can buy the book directly from him or from any good bookshop.

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