Red Hare Scribblers are beautiful blank books for you to fill with either words or pictures. We have two ranges, the hardbacked (155x216mm) and the pocket softbacked (112×145).

These well-made, hardback books are so lovely to hold you’ll probably want to collect all six volumes in our first series called, Modern British Nature. Each Scribbler has a stunning jacket artwork and endpapers by artist Rachel Lockwood. The first page has a nameplate so you can personalise your own book and each volume comes with a sewn-in ribbon bookmark. The volume number is boldy printed on the spine, making them easily to find when lined-up on your bookshelf.

Our softbacked pocket Scribblers make the perfect notebook for sketching or note taking. All 12 Scribblers are numbered on the spine and have a space for labeling. We have 6 in a landscape format and 6 in a portrait format.

We’re always hearing about new ways our customers are using their Scribblers, they include pressing flowers and baby first scribbling books to be given back when they’re grown up. We’d love to know how you fill your book!
Our Pocket Scribblers are 112×145mm and come in two formats: landscape and portrait. Each have high quality paper for scribble and notes.

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